What’s the guarantee / warrantee?

We give a 2 year guarantee on all parts, providing necessary cleaning and maintenance is done.

How do I order?

On confirmation of your order, a 50% deposit is required. When the order is complete and ready to deliver, 40% is required. On final fitting and signoff, the last 10%. This is to protect both us and you. The shutters, blinds and flyscreens are all custom made and will fit your windows only.

How do I get a quote?

We will set up an appointment to come measure. Measurements need to be precise and are taken from 12 points in the opening.

Do you charge for quoting?

We may charge for a quote – dependent on travel and time. This first quote price will be deducted from your order. Any subsequent quoting will be billed for.

Can you give me an estimate without measuring?

Yes we can. For an indicative price, speak to us and send us the measurements of each opening. The shutters are not a cheap item, so lets get on the same page before going further.

When you visit to measure, do I have to be present?

Yes you do. Or someone that is able to make decisions as we’ll need to discuss the various options available for each opening.

Can I see the shutters in a showroom?

Yes you can. We have a showroom in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal. It is advisable to set up an appointment so we can make sure you are given our undivided attention and a good cup of coffee.

Still building – can you still measure?

We can measure for an estimated cost. It is vital that all openings to be measured are finished 100% as the measurements we need are taken to the millimeter. Variances can occur with plastering or tiling.

How long from ordering to fitting?

From final measurements being confirmed and paying 50% deposit – we work on 6-7 weeks. There are occasionally things beyond our control that may delay this, but those things are generally announced on the news – for example a transport strike or excessive power cuts.

Why would I choose Southern Shutters?

We are specialists in what we do. And we know what we’re doing. We do it well and we do it with passion.

Can you fit on unusual shaped windows?

Wooden shutters can accommodate arches and curves. For the other products, we’ll need to assess each opening with the desired product.

What wood is used for the shutters?

Our wooden shutters are made from solid wood, sourced from sustainable forests.

Do you use plas-wood or plastic for shutter?

No. We stick with real wood and aluminium.